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My name is Manon Lindebringhs, I am a young make-up artist. Since I was a very young I’ve always had fun with makeup. Beautifying and transforming people was my hobby. My dream was to be able to train as a professional make-up artist. So I enrolled in the school Jean-Pierre Finotto and one year later (at the end of the course) I proudly graduated. I was able to work in the world of fashion and photography, an environment I dreamt of discovering.

But my ultimate dream was to bring my own projects to life, and thus Laudana was born with the help of my team. Through this project, I want to push the limits of the norms and the criteria of fashion. Change the rules! I hope to bring a little bit of magic in the world thanks to my job.


Rue de la Vallée 50, 1000 Bruxelles
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